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The Gregangelo Museum is the pet name for the headquarters of

Gregangelo & Velocity Circus/Arts & Entertainment. 

It's a unique and vibrant small business with Arab and Latin ownership.

Additionally, it serves as the private residence and studios of

the acclaimed local San Francisco artist, Gregangelo Herrera.

It has become an impassioned, multifaceted, immersive experience

'created over a span of 43 years and continuing.
Our personal experiences ignite the senses,

explore the imagination and arouse wonderment. 
Dare to venture into this introspective journey in a

place where fantasy becomes reality.

Artistic Director, Gregangelo in the moss garden


The Gregangelo Museum provides opportunity and mentoring for artists of ALL disciplines to create and display a fusion of immersive visual and performing arts.


“I did not want to come to this place, now I don’t wanna leave!”

– 13 year old –

“You leave the gardens feeling lighter, as if you had spent some time dreaming”

– Librarian at Stanford –

“One of the most magical portals in the world!”

– Magician –

“If you want to escape and like to get your gray matter tickled in ways you can hardly imagine,

then you should visit one of the weirdest places in San Francisco”

– Product Manager –

"Just might be The Eighth Wonder of the World!”

– Explorer –

“A dream-like survey of the human psyche and heart…

I left more awake than I arrived.”

– Psychologist –

“After visiting Spain, I can say that this gives Dali a run for his money.”

– World Traveler –

“This place is better than Disneyland”

– 9 year old –

"Instead of looking at a painting, imagine stepping inside it”

– Visitor –

“Unlike anything you’ve ever gone to”

– Philanthropist –

“The house is so magical that I wish I could just live there!..

made me think about my life"

– CFO –

"Way more than a ‘museum’...

it’s a profoundly moving immersive experience”

– Teacher –

"This place is like Dr. Seuss met Alice in Wonderland at Area 51! "

– Visitor –

Five people walking into a mosaic ocean theme room
The Gregangelo Museum also functions as Gregangelo’s theatrical arts studio/lab as well as business headquarters to his Velocity Arts & Entertainment company and Velocity Circus which services nonprofits, corporations, and private entities regionally, nationally and internationally.

He still lives here and what you will step into is a culmination of over four decades of his,

as well as other local artists’ multimedia installation work.

The artistry continues to evolve to this day.

It is not really a “museum” at all, but an evocative immersive experience

that is part “sensorium and connectatorium.” 

For lack of any real title to this enigmatic place,

an enthusiastic public has pet named his home “The Gregangelo Museum”. 

He just calls it home .

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