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The Gregangelo Museum is the private home of the acclaimed native San Francisco artist Gregangelo Herrera.

It is an impassioned, multifaceted, immersive experience created

over a span of 40 years and continuing.
Experiences ignite the senses, explore the imagination and arouse wonderment. 
Dare to venture into this introspective journey in a place where fantasy becomes reality.

Artistic Director, Gregangelo in the moss garden


The Gregangelo Museum provides opportunity and mentoring for artists of ALL disciplines to create and display a fusion of immersive visual and performing arts.


“This place is better than Disneyland”
– 9 year old –


“You leave the gardens feeling lighter, as if you had spent some time dreaming”

– Librarian at Stanford –

“One of the most magical portals in the world!”

– Magician –

“If you want to escape and like to get your gray matter tickled in ways you can hardly imagine,

then you should visit one of the weirdest places in San Francisco”

– Product Manager –

"Just might be The Eighth Wonder of the World!”

– Explorer –

“A dream-like survey of the human psyche and heart…

I left more awake than I arrived.”

– Psychologist –

“After visiting Spain, I can say that this gives Dali a run for his money.”

– World Traveler –

"Instead of looking at a painting, imagine stepping inside it”

– Visitor –

“Unlike anything you’ve ever gone to”

– Philanthropist –

“The house is so magical that I wish I could just live there!..

made me think about my life"

– CFO –

"Way more than a ‘museum’...

it’s a profoundly moving immersive experience”

– Teacher –

"This place is like Dr. Seuss met Alice in Wonderland at Area 51! "

– Visitor –

Five people walking into a mosaic ocean theme room
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