Level 1:

Riddle of the Sphinx

Our Enchanting Outdoor Experience

Dare to dream on our immersive outdoor experience “ The Riddle of the Sphinx” Designed for pods who are sheltering in place together. This experience is COVID compliant.


Relive your Innocence in the playful Garden of Youth, enjoy Sensuality in the Garden of Life and contemplate the Unknown in the Garden of Wisdom.

What treasures will you unfold?

$65.00 per person Tuesdays - Saturday

Maximum 8 guests

Length: 1+ Hour or at your own pace

Ages 7 and up.

Tour in English only

Currently only open to groups

between 2 to 8 guests

who are sheltering in place together.

You will NOT be mixed with other guests.

Sneak a Peak

LEVEL 2.jpg

Level 2:

Multiverse Tour

Currently Closed

Explore thirteen worlds that dive into earnest conversations on themes of history, humanity, and the cosmos. Find your place in the world, cherish your memories, and connect through shared insights that range from simple, profound, to simply profound.

$85.00 per person Tuesdays - Fridays
$95.00 per person Saturday

Maximum 10 guests

Length: 1+ Hour

LEVEL 3.jpg

Level 3:

Labyrinth Tour

Currently Closed

Journey through nine universal dimensions on the wings of a

Pyramid Spaceship. Experience the feeling of being inside laughter,

look death in the eye, and remove your rose-colored glasses

for a view of the present surroundings and what lies beyond.

Disclaimer: includes minor spinning, tight spaces,

moments of complete darkness, flashing lights,

and may induce existential thought.

$125.00 per person Tuesdays - Saturdays

Maximum 4 guests

Length: 1+ Hour

RIDDLE OF THE SPHINX, San Francisco’s exciting--yet SAFE--interactive new outdoor activity,

is drawing fun seekers and knowledge nuts from all over the Bay and beyond!

You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and you’ll love having your senses stimulated

with entertaining stories and riddles, gorgeous gardens and striking sculptures.

All this is offered up by clever guides with a multi-cultural twist,

within about an hour that whizzes by so fast you’ll wonder “What just happened?!!”