“Was it just a dream?”
This is no ordinary event space.
This is a place where the past, present and future all collide into meaningful moments.
Enter a dream like reality where every portal leads to a new world.

Encounter characters from the depths of your imagination at every turn.

Experience flavors from around the globe.

From birth to death and all wonderment in between,

come celebrate new memories together.

Our outdoor gardens are now open to small groups who are sheltering in place together.

Maximum eight guests

workforce diversity

I cannot put more faith in anyone, but the breathtaking Gregangelo, and his team of extreme artists, who bring life, whimsy, poetry, and magic into all of their work.

Time and time again, the breadth of his knowledge, show stopping details and amazing commitment, make our events dreamy, fantastic and over the top."

Unlock the Keyhole to Your Imagination Here

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