All of our public indoor group experiences for seniors, youth, classrooms, and private events are currently closed.

However, we have a new outdoor experience open for small groups of 2 to 8 guests who are currently sheltering in place together.

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“I honestly couldn't describe this experience to anyone, you must see it to believe it. The impact this place had on me and my friends was beyond life changing."

Team Building
$125 per guest, 5 minimum

Currently Closed

Private Tour
$750 flat-rate, 2–12 guests

Currently Closed

Senior Tours
$25 per person, 20–50 guests

Currently Closed

School Field Trips
Inquire by email

Currently Closed

Whether you’re looking for Family Fun or an original Romantic Date,

all in a Safe, Natural, Outdoor Setting—You’ve found it!

Gregangelo’s RIDDLE OF THE SPHINX Adventure

is a uniquely entertaining mix of magical activities,

located not far from San Francisco’s Pacific Coast.

Expand your mind, increase your laughs, and extend your

Indian summer doing things you never would have thought of.

Natives and visitors alike find their imaginations flowering

in a garden where they can let their guard down,

because safety is built into the setting.

Come discover why the RIDDLE OF THE SPHINX

is a runaway hit ~ and take away a lasting San Francisco summer souvenir.

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