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 Seasonal Special:

Indoor Visit: Into the Rabbit Hole

Explore the Ultimate

Weird House in San Francisco

“The most unusual house in the city,

if not the universe”

- San Francisco Chronicle -

“Feed your head” on a psychedelic odyssey inside “the city’s last bastion of weird art” (SFGate). Logic and proportion fall away as you’re transported through a labyrinth of nine unique installations, each one curiouser and curiouser than the next. Alice in Wonderland, 1001 Arabian Nights, ancient myths and Dr. Seuss collide on this globetrotting, time-traveling journey of self discovery.

Part residence, part artist collective, part “connectatorium,” the Gregangelo Museum remains world-renowned as one of the top destinations in the city for all who seek an authentic, intimate, and inspiring San Francisco experience unlike any other. Are you ready to look inside?

“Think Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and Cirque du Soleil”

 - SF Standard -


Thursdays though Saturdays

Maximum 6 guests

Length: 90 minutes

Ages 7 and up

Tour in English only

Mixed groups

 Seasonal Special:

Kid's Activities Visit: Enchanted Fairy Garden

Family Friendly Experience

Adults 18 years or older can't visit without a child.

“The show is completely worth it!

- Single Dad from Redwood City -

Nestled in a lovely quiet neighborhood in San Francisco is a magical home hidden amongst an enchanted fairy grove full of wonders.  Your adventure begins as you are transported into a fantastical world led by Jinx, the fairy, and her magical muse. 

Dare to enter portals to the unknown as you cast spells, make wishes, meet fairies, and revisit your youth during this entertaining journey.

This evocative immersive experience is for families and friends of all generations to come together and celebrate each other.

Stumble into the hilarious Teddy Bear Tea Party and conjure tiny miracles along the way. 

I wonder how it all ends?

Come find out!


“This place is better than Disneyland!“  – 9 year old

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Maximum of 6 guests
Length: 90 minutes

Ages 5 and up

Tour in English only

Mixed groups

 Seasonal Special:

Outdoor Visit: Riddle of the Sphinx

An Enchanting Introspective Journey

“An experience unlike any other…

Wonderfully bizarre and imaginative” 

- Atlas Obscura -

Enter a world of pure imagination with our bestselling immersive tour that has captivated visitors near and far. Return to the age of innocence and embrace the unknown through six mesmerizing environments created by over thirty local artists during the pandemic. A triumph of boundless imagination amidst turbulent times, this one-of-a-kind journey is a sensory treat for all who dare to dream. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable, profound, and wholesome experience perfect for couples, friends, and families alike. What treasures will you unlock?

“A cross between Jeopardy, group therapy, and an offbeat art tour”

- Roadtrippers -

Thursday through Saturday
Maximum 6 guests
Length: 90 minutes

Ages 7 and up
Tour in English only
Open to private groups only
You will NOT be mixed with other guests

Indoor and Outdoor Visit:

The Untold Secrets

An Exclusive Exploration into our

San Francisco Art Exhibit


“A truly captivating experience”

- Visitor -

This private tour is led by artistic director Gregangelo and creative director Marcelo. Embark on this insightful, mixed exploration through the enchanting exterior and interior spaces.

This experience is fully interactive and inspired by you!

Any random door may open or any path through this labyrinthine place taken based on how you engage with your guides. You may even gain access through some of the secret portals never opened to the public.

“Come in with an open mind and a thirst for self-discovery and leave your social inhibitions at the door.”

- Visitor -
To book, contact us directly here with your name, phone number, and the date and time that you’d like to schedule.

Minimum of 6, maximum of 16 guests
Length: 2 + hours

 Seasonal Special:
Behind the Scenes Visit

Let’s Do Lunch!

A visual feast with San Francisco artists

“One of the last havens for artists in the city”

- SFGate -

Break bread with founder Gregangelo and our creative community over a casual homemade meal. Meet artists, makers, and dreamers from the Bay Area and abroad—you may even witness a spontaneous performance or two! Then get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the miraculous museum and its many marvels. You never know what surprises are in store at this lively, only-in-San Francisco experience.

“A busy hive mind of costume-makers, interior designers, writers, musicians, visual artists and every variety of misfit theater kid.”

- SFGate -

1pm every Thursday
Single Ticket or maximum of 4 guests
Length: 1 Hour

 Seasonal Special: Tea Art Garden Visit:

Tea In Wonderland

Reawaken The Wizard Within

“Pure Magic”

- Visitor -

When you come to “Tea In Wonderland”, you will find your imagination soaring and your consciousness expanding as you immerse into this world of magical tea rituals.

Self reflect and enjoy a healing tea-leaf-reading in our secret gardens. 

Experience being a playful child again.

Elevate your well-being and step into an improved version of yourself.  You will walk away feeling nourished with the superpower to unleash the wizard within. 

Do you dare step into a world where you transcend into the unmoulded brain of a child, where everything feels awe-inspiring and joy comes with ease?

“This experience has taught me to perceive the world from a more giving, wondrous, appreciative, and enchanting lens.”

- Visitor -

Maximum of 6 guests
Length: 90 minutes

Ages 7 and up

Tour in English and Chinese

Mixed groups

The Gregangelo Museum is rated as

the # 1 immersive art experience

in San Francisco for tourists and locals alike.

Come explore the hidden authentic culture

of The City and engage in our interactive museum exhibits. 

Dare to visit the weirdest, most unusual must-see place in San Francisco.

We offer safe outdoor activities and indoor experiences for private or mixed groups.

Our evocative art installations are open every weekend by appointment only. 

We remain a favorite safe activity for friends and family who choose to have fun together.

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