Into the Rabbit Hole

A haunted house experience 

Spooky Halloween Edition for October tours Only 

haunted house.jpg

Walk through a surreal fun-house full of paranormal, creatures, and spooky scenes. Journey through a haunted realm into a series of portals that lead to different worlds.


Enter if you dare through this otherworldy mysterious haunted house. Imagine falling through a rabbit hole like Alice and arriving in an eerie fantasy land. Your eyes won’t believe you, and your wishes may come true. 


Are you willing to embrace your fears and reflect into the looking glass?


$75.00 per person Thursdays and Fridays

Maximum 6 guests

Length: 60 to 90 minutes Ages 13 and up

Tour in English only

This experience is COVID compliant.Proof of vaccination is required

Riddle of the Sphinx

Our Enchanting Outdoor Experience

"An incredibly transformative journey"

Outdoor tour San Francisco .png

Dare to dream on our immersive outdoor tour, “The Riddle of the Sphinx” a private experience for couples and small groups. Relive your innocence in the playful Garden of Youth, explore your maturity in the Garden of Sensuality and contemplate the unknown in the Garden of Wisdom.

What treasures will you unfold?

$75.00 per person Thursday – Saturday
Maximum 6 guests
Length: 90 minutes Ages 7 and up
Tour in English only
Open to private groups only
You will NOT be mixed with other guests
This experience is
COVID compliant.

Let’s do Lunch!

A behind-the-scenes, visual feast with
San Francisco artists 

“This feels like a midday party!”


Step into the magical, art-making action on this spontaneous only-in-San Francisco experience.

You never know what surprises will unfold!

Break bread with Gregangelo and our local arts crew. You may witness a variety of artists auditioning, meet performers and makers from around the globe, and get an impromptu glimpse of the place with inside scoops.

Come with an appetite for curiosity as well as a casual homemade meal.

Dare to take an adventure into this uncharted territory of immersive Tours.

“From the moment the door opened, I felt so welcome to be everything I want to be here”
$85.00 per person

1pm every Thursday
Single Ticket or maximum of 4 guests
Length: 1 Hour

This experience is COVID compliant. Proof of vaccination is required

The Untold Secrets Tour

An Exclusive Exploration into our
Immersive San Francisco Art Exhibit

“A truly captivating experience”

This private tour is led by artistic director Gregangelo and creative director Marcelo. Embark on this insightful, mixed exploration through the enchanting exterior and interior spaces.

This experience is fully interactive and inspired by you!

Any random door may open or any path through this labyrinthine place taken based on how you engage with your guides. You may even gain access through some of the secret portals never opened to the public.

“Come in with an open mind and a thirst for self-discovery and leave your social inhibitions at the door.”
To book, contact us directly here with your name, phone number, and the date and time that you’d like to schedule.

$130.00 per person
Minimum of 4 ($520.00), maximum of 16 guests
Length: 90 minutes

This experience is COVID compliant. Proof of vaccination is required

The Gregangelo Museum is rated as

the # 1 immersive art experience

in San Francisco for tourists and locals alike.

Come explore the hidden authentic culture

of The City and engage in our interactive museum exhibits. 

Dare to visit the weirdest, most unusual must-see place in San Francisco.

We offer safe outdoor activities and indoor experiences for private or mixed groups.

Our evocative art exhibitions are open every weekend or by appointment. 

We remain a favorite safe activity for friends and family who choose to have fun together.