San Francisco's unique private venue

in the most whimsical and weird home

Team Building

The most genuine and colorful team-building experience in San Francisco assured to elevate everyone and connect you in new ways!

Birthday Parties

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Come celebrate yourself, your kids and loved ones at San Francisco’s most unique and intimate birthday party venue. 

Private Celebrations
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This most intimate and opulent private event space In San Francisco is available for any celebration from Births to Memorials and everything in between.

Film Set

This multifaceted San Francisco film-set-location is ideal for music videos, documentaries, feature films and more.

Photoshoot Location
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This San Francisco photoshoot location offers a mix of 27 Indoor and outdoor multidimensional scenes and installations. Both natural and theatrical lighting may be utilized for people and products.

School Field Trips

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This is one of the coolest places for field trips and fun activities to do with kids in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Senior Tours

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Come enjoy a fun, senior, day trip and tour in San Francisco! This is perfect for all senior center group excursions in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. 

Alternative Wedding

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Are you looking for unconventional wedding ideas? Come celebrate your alternate wedding in the most unique and intimate venue in San Francisco. It is perfect for your non traditional wedding ceremony and cool reception. 

Explore the unusual. 

“Was it just a dream?”
This is no ordinary event space.
This is a place where the past, present and future all collide into meaningful moments.
Enter a dream-like reality where every portal leads to a new world.

Encounter characters from the depths of your imagination at every turn.

Experience flavors from around the globe.

From birth to death and all wonderment in between,

come celebrate new memories together.

Our new outdoor gardens are now open as part of our packages.

“I cannot put more faith in anyone, but the breathtaking Gregangelo,
and his team of extreme artists, who bring life, whimsy, poetry, and magic into all of their work.
Time and time again, the breadth of his knowledge, show-stopping details and amazing commitment, make our events dreamy, fantastic and over the top."

Are you bored of conventional party venues and event halls

and looking for the weirdest and most unique space in San Francisco? 

Then you’ve discovered San Francisco’s best kept secret!

This indoor/outdoor event space has it all. 

For intimate private parties, small weddings, and celebrations for up to 25 people,

come venture through this enchanted off-the-beaten-path art house.

Discover why creative individuals and businesses choose to rent this most magical venue.

Come explore and entertain your friends and colleagues worry-free in an unexpected paradise .

Unlock the Keyhole to Your Imagination Here