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The Luck of the Dragon

An Immersive Lunar New Year Event Featuring The Mystifying Magic of Jade

Step into a wondrous world and encounter genuine magic every step of the way as you explore through 7 lucky installations full of surprises!
This extravaganza feeds the senses and includes delicious Asian appetizers, exotic artisan-brewed teas by Fabula Tea, delightful sweets and treats, dazzling entertainment, and an awe-inspiring magic show with Jade.
Come fly on the wings of the dragon and embark on an experience that defies explanation.
Limited tickets for this unforgettable experience!
The Extravaganza Includes :

  • Delicious Banquet of Asian Appetizers

  • Artisan Brewed Teas by Fabula

  • Sweets and Treats

  • Surprise Entertainment

  • An Interactive Magic Show with Jade

  • Exploration through sensational installations

  • Gift shop

Thursday, March 28
Maximum 25 guests
Length: 2 hours +

18 and up


Enchanted Fairy Garden

Most Enchanting Family Adventure

Adults 18 years or older can't visit without a child.

“The show is completely worth it!

- Single Dad from Redwood City -

Prince and Fairy.png

Nestled in a lovely quiet neighborhood in San Francisco is a magical home hidden amongst an enchanted fairy grove full of wonders.  Your adventure begins as you are transported into a fantastical world led by Jinx, the fairy, and her magical muse. 
Dare to enter portals to the unknown as you cast spells, make wishes, meet fairies, and revisit your youth during this entertaining journey.
This evocative immersive experience is for families and friends of all generations to come together and celebrate each other.
Stumble into the hilarious Teddy Bear Tea Party and conjure tiny miracles along the way. 
I wonder how it all ends?
Come find out!
“This place is better than Disneyland!“  – 9 year old
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Maximum of 6 guests
Length: 90 minutes
Ages 5 and up
Tour in English only
Mixed groups


I am an artist, entrepreneur and a lifetime advocate for presenting multicultural arts and artists in San Francisco.

In addition to our ongoing arts internships, residencies and guest experiences, I am now impassioned to present evocative and provocative works of performing artists in our intimate setting.

My private home and headquarters for my Velocity Arts business aka “The Gregangelo Museum”, a haven of multidisciplinary theatrical arts, now opens our doors to guest entertainers. This is my way to provide a free performing place for a variety of guest artists to share their fervent voice with locals and travelers.  These Art Salons will bring awareness, authenticity and entertainment to the rich tapestry of San Francisco’s cultural landscape which is in extreme flux. 

So keep our SF arts alive and come immerse into the stories of each performer. And perhaps their genuinely inspired content may change and enrich your life . 

Topics run the range from family to mature content.


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