“I honestly couldn't describe this experience to anyone, you must see it to believe it.

The impact this place had on me and my friends was beyond life changing."



Our Seasonal Outdoor Experience


“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

Immerse in this transformational journey where you can leave everything behind that no longer serves you. This is a place where the past, present and future all collide into meaningful moments. Enter a dream like reality where every portal leads to a new world while encountering characters from the depths of your imagination at every turn. Come get your enchantment on and blossom in our magical gardens.

This experience is COVID compliant.

$55.00 per person Saturday

Maximum 6 guests

Length: 25 minutes

Riddle of the Sphinx

Our Enchanting Outdoor Experience

Dare to dream on our immersive outdoor experience “ The Riddle of the Sphinx” Designed for pods who are sheltering in place together. This experience is COVID compliant.


Relive your Innocence in the playful Garden of Youth, enjoy Sensuality in the Garden of Life and contemplate the Unknown in the Garden of Wisdom.

What treasures will you unfold?

$65.00 per person Thursday - Saturday

Maximum 6 guests

Length: 1+ Hour

Ages 7 and up.

Tour in English only

Currently only open to groups

between 2 to 8 guests

who are sheltering in place together.

You will NOT be mixed with other guests.

Pan Tea Steam 1.jpg

Garden of Transformation

An Immersive Tea Experience

Are you ready to escape into a realm of inspiration and magic?

Your journey begins with an immersion into a sumptuous portico where you are served rejuvenating tea elixirs before you embark on your experience. Explore the secret gardens of transformation and set your imagination free as the art reveals hidden stories. Indulge in the taste of healing teas crafted by your alchemist guides as you voyage along the enlightening path. This evocative experience will help reconnect you with yourself, your loved ones, and the magic of the world around you.


Discover why people are saying:


“It feels like a dream”


“Way beyond my expectations”


Length: 1+ Hour

LEVEL 2.jpg

A Spectacular Night at the Museum

Our Virtual Museum Tour

Explore the legendary interior of the Museum led by Gregangelo himself.  Get insights from a variety of artists who work here. Enjoy surprise performances. And learn how you can immerse into the enchantment in person or contribute from afar. 


Length: 1+ Hour


Gift Card

Give the gift of a uniquely enchanting experience.
“Our most valued treasures are our shared memories”

Choose the $amount from any of our offerings or combine several to give to your loved ones or colleagues.

They’ll be spellbound!

RIDDLE OF THE SPHINX, San Francisco’s exciting--yet SAFE--interactive new outdoor activity,

is drawing fun seekers and knowledge nuts from all over the Bay and beyond!

You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and you’ll love having your senses stimulated

with entertaining stories and riddles, gorgeous gardens and striking sculptures.

All this is offered up by clever guides with a multi-cultural twist,

within about an hour that whizzes by so fast you’ll wonder “What just happened?!!”