“Captures the soul of San Francisco”
-105 year old San Franciscan



Open by Appointment from Monday-Saturday all year round.

Ages 7 and up. Not pet-accessible.

Guests are encouraged to come in pairs.
Solo guests will be added to other groups.

Tour currently in English only (Email for translation options)


Level 1: Multiverse Tour

Explore 13 realms that dive into earnest conversations on themes of history, humanity, and the cosmos. Find your place in the world, gamble with your memories, and connect through shared insights that range from simple, profound, to simply profound.

$55.00 per person Tues-Thurs
$65.00 per person Friday/Saturday

Maximum 12 guests / Length: 2+ Hours



Level 2: Labyrinth Tour

(Includes Multiverse Tour)

Journey through 27 universal realms on the wings of a Pyramid Spaceship. Experience the feeling of being inside laughter, look death in the eye, and remove your rose-colored glasses for a view of the present surroundings and what lies beyond.

Disclaimer: includes minor spinning, tight spaces, moments of complete darkness, flashing lights, and may induce existential thought.

$85.00 per person, maximum 4 guests
Length: 3+ Hours



Proceeds are used to support local artists development and youth mentorship. 

Tours can be booked on Sundays for groups contributing $450.00+

Custom VIP special events are available in the museum featuring our world-class entertainers, magic chef, edibles & elixirs, and signature antics for parties of up to 50.