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How do I buy tickets for the Gregangelo Museum? 

Please see here to purchase a visit. 

Are there any discounts for the Gregangelo Museum? 

Please see here to purchase a visit. 

Gregangelo Museum Newsletter Subscription

How do I know when visits are available?
Due to our limited guest capacity of 2-8 guests, we do not offer discounts, though we occasionally offer specials for our newsletter subscribers.

Do you offer Senior tours and school field trips?

Yes, we accommodate and cater to the needs of both senior and youth groups. 

Please inquire at

Do guides accept tips?
Yes, we strongly encourage you to give your guide a gratuity following the experience via cash or Venmo.

All guides are local artists, so this helps to sustain San Francisco arts and culture.

Does the Gregangelo Museum have parking?

Yes, though we prefer you take public transportation or rideshate, 2-hour street parking is available directly in front of the home museum. Please park on the east side of the street in front of the museum.

Please do not leave any valuables visible in your vehicle.

​Is the museum near public transportation?

Yes, we are directly on the K and M MUNI metro lines as well as the 23 Monterey Bus and very easy to access via public transportation.


How can I donate to the Gregangelo Museum?
If you are interested in supporting our artists, who are all self-sustaining and contributing to the unique arts and culture of San Francisco,
you may donate in any amount as follows:

Venmo   @gregangelomuseum


Check payable to:

Gregangelo and Velocity Arts & Entertainment 

225 San Leandro Way

San Francisco, CA 94127


What are the Gregangelo Museum Hours?
The Gregangelo Museum is a private residence and does not offer public open hours. 
All experiences are available by appointment only. To
see schedule, click 

Is it possible to schedule a visit outside of the listed dates and times?
Private visits beyond what we offer may be scheduled, though premium rates will apply.
For inquiries, please email

How long is the Gregangelo Museum visit?

Typically, between 90 minutes and 2 hours, though each visit length may vary. See experience descriptions here.

Please note and plan accordingly for any reservations you have following the visit. 

What are street conditions like at the Gregangelo Museum?

We are located off the beaten path in a clean, safe, garden neighborhood with lots of interesting architecture and beautiful ocean-view walks and fountains as well as unusual flora/fauna, and landscaping.  You will find some of the best Street conditions in San Francisco in this beautiful neighborhood.

Do you host Team Building?
Gregangelo Museum experiences are ideal for team building and may be tailored to fit the needs of any small group. Please inquire at:

Are there any discounts for the Gregangelo Museum?
Due to our limited guest capacity of 6, we rarely offer discounts, though we occasionally offer specials for our newsletter subscribers.

Gregangelo Museum Newsletter Subscription


Do you have group rates?
Group rates may apply for seasonal offerings and some family and group rates/specials are noted on our box office at check out.

Is the Gregangelo Museum Wheelchair Accessible?

The Gregangelo Museum is a private home built over 100 years ago on a San Francisco slope and is not wheelchair accessible.

. There are eleven steps to get into the house and guests can use walkers and canes if needed. 

Are pets allowed at the Gregangelo Museum?
We do not allow any pets other than certified service animals. 

Can I bring my kids on the Gregangelo Museum visits?
Yes. General tours are recommended to children 7 and up. Based on the nature of the conversations, the museum visit requires a certain level of focus and maturity.

We offer specific children and family tours for kids three and up. 


In what ​languages are the visits offered?

We currently offer the visits only in English. 

Tea in Wonderland  may be offered in Chinese. 

You are welcome to bring a translator or interpreter.


Can I take photos in the Gregangelo Museum?

Photos are allowed at specific intervals noted by your guide.


Is the Gregangelo Museum available as a photo and video shoot location in San Francisco? 

Yes! Please inquire at

Does the Gregangelo Museum serve food?
There is no food served or sold at the Gregangelo Museum.

Where can I eat near the Gregangelo Museum?

The West Portal business districts are within walking distance and offer a variety of local, multicultural restaurant options for meals before or after the visit.

If you are looking for dinner ahead of time, we also recommend nearby eateries in Lakeside Village on Ocean Avenue, just a couple blocks from the museum.

If you would like to trek a bit further some of our artists' favorite eateries in the avenues towards the beach are: The Tennessee Grill, an old school, local diner that offers the best Burmese tea leaf salad in San Francisco, The Pizza Place (don't be fooled by its name, this is good local grub) and Devil's Teeth Bakery, if you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth and pick up a sandwich for a stroll on the nearby beach.

Can I rent the Gregangelo Museum for Private Events?
We are not an event venue; however, we are glad to host a wide range of intimate private gatherings for our friends, neighbors, and clients who make a special request. We’ve hosted birthdays, celebrations of life, a “Surprise” wedding, family reunions, and more for our friends and families. 

For all private event inquiries, please send an email to

What nearby coastal Attractions can I Visit Near Gregangelo Museum?

  • Fort Funston, a paradise for adventures who enjoy paragliding, hang gliding, hiking, and dog walking with the most majestic Pacific ocean views.

  • Ocean beach, the longest stretch of beach in the city and a haven for surfers, locals, bonfire gatherings, and recreation.

  • Lands End and Fort Miley: Well manicured hiking trails through the ruins of the Sutro Baths, see a shipwreck at low tide, view the Golden Gate Bridge from the Pacific Ocean, hike down the cliffs to the labyrinth, and explore colorful tide pools on the beach.

  • Visit The Palace of the Legion of Honor, A spectacular fine arts Museum nestled on the cliffs just opposite of the Golden Gate Bridge,

  • And home to Rodin’s Thinker, The centerpiece of the classical colonnade courtyard.

  • Baker Beach in the Presidio offers the full gamut from family recreation to Naturist recreation.

  • Take a strenuous hike to Marshall's beach, a.k.a. “Boys Beach“ a haven for our queer, local population is directly in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge

What natural Attractions can I find within walking distance of the Gregangelo Museum?

  • Within just a few blocks radius, Visit the Stern Grove eucalyptus park with the amphitheater, and Victorian cottage famous for the shoot-out by Black Bart.

  • Discover some of the rarest trees in San Francisco and Northern America as noted in the book ‘The Trees of San Francisco’.

  • Hike from the museum past fascinating local architecture clinging to the hills and through a mountaintop forest to the highest peak in San Francisco - Mount Davidson.

  • The last remaining Sand dunes of San Francisco are also in walking distance and offer panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and part of the skyline of San Francisco

What other major attractions can I find near the Gregangelo Museum?

We are just about a mile and a half from The San Francisco Zoo and Botanical Gardens, if you are driving enjoy the beauty of Highway 1, a.k.a. the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), or a ride down the great highway along Ocean Beach.

Are you going to the wine country as part of your SF Bay Area experience?

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