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Let’s Celebrate International Creativity Month!

Written by Angelica Irreño

Did you know creativity is celebrated in the first month of the year? January can set you up for a year of success. We encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and be more innovative. Since we are at the last week of the month, we want you to have a successful and happy new year by incorporating creativity into your daily life.

Let's all get inspired by these five ways to celebrate International Creativity Month:

Our first theatrical experience of 2022 is ready to book! Grab your tickets for Dreams of Desire here. Discover the lost meaning of Valentine's in this otherworldly immersive experience through a surreal art house. Relinquish all shame and embark upon a passionate odyssey through the dark temple of Venus.

What passions will be revealed as you attempt to escape this dark temple of love? Come and encounter provocative heroes who sing, dance and frolic along with you to find Venus’ forbidden chamber.

  • Try something new:

How often do you challenge yourself? Try something you never have before, it could be a new hobby, project, or even just a new outfit! If you want to get a clear picture of what or where you want to get to, let’s create a 2022 vision board! Get inspired and find more information about how to make a vision board here

  • Take an art class:

The Internet and social media have become essential resources for communication and learning. For example, Nick Brentley, Clothing Stylist and Production Stage Manager of Velocity Arts, made videos during the pandemic about various topics. Some of the videos capture the process of restoring old shoes and the luster to jewelry metals quickly. Check these fantastic videos here

  • Sell your crafts:

Did you know happiness and a positive atmosphere help stimulate creativity? We can start doing this by taking care of our skin. The benefits of adding a bath bomb and a healing balm to your bathing experience have several advantages. Instead of a rushed shower at the end of a long day or a busy week, relaxing with a bath can give you a joyful experience. Often, our skin needs a little extra help after the weather changes. We invite you to check out these all-natural, chemical-free aromatic bath bombs & healing salves made by Nick Foxen. Check his page here

  • Volunteer with others:

Velocity Arts has supported many local artists and students throughout the years. We’re fortunate to create magic by bringing diverse artists spanning various ages and cultures to form unique experiences. Since the Gregangelo Museum continues to grow and expand, we’re looking to hire a Marketing Media Intern: An enthusiastic and passionate person about performing arts who wants to be immersed with talented performers from around the world and various creative projects during the internship.

Please pass the voice to your friends or family; they may know local students in San Francisco. To apply, email us at

The Gregangelo Museum provides opportunity and mentoring for artists of ALL disciplines to create and display a fusion of immersive visual and performing arts. We celebrate creativity every day, and there are several other ways to stay creative. Check out our social media platforms for more ideas!

Youtube: velocitysf

TikTok: velocitysf

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