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I am an artist, entrepreneur and a lifetime advocate for presenting multicultural arts and artists in San Francisco.

In addition to our ongoing arts internships, residencies and guest experiences, I am now impassioned to present evocative and provocative works of performing artists in our intimate setting.

My private home and headquarters for my Velocity Arts business aka “The Gregangelo Museum”, a haven of multidisciplinary theatrical arts, now opens our doors to guest entertainers. This is my way to provide a free performing place for a variety of guest artists to share their fervent voice with locals and travelers.  These Art Salons will bring awareness, authenticity and entertainment to the rich tapestry of San Francisco’s cultural landscape which is in extreme flux. 

So keep our SF arts alive and come immerse into the stories of each performer. And perhaps their genuinely inspired content may change and enrich your life . 

Topics run the range from family to mature content.


Phantasmagoria: Into the mist

Dare to enter this musical haunt and attempt to escape the madness


Featuring Lila Khazoum is a chilling, immersive musical journey at The Gregangelo Museum, a genuine haunted house. With a fiery vocal range, our Delusional Enchantress of the Night conjures phantoms, vampires, and witches, weaving a tale of madness and apparitions. As the mist thickens, reality blurs, leaving you trapped in a nightmarish realm.

Thursday, October 19
Maximum 30 guests
Length: 90 minutes

18 and up

Forbidden Secret Parlor

A Haunting Magic Experience


Step into the Forbidden Secret Parlor within the Gregangelo Museum where shadows hold secrets and magic pulses in the air. Jade, a groundbreaking magician, guides you through a realm of paranormal wonders, leaving you spellbound and forever changed


Prepare to be captivated within an immersive experience that delves into the depths of the supernatural. In this genuinely haunted space, secrets whisper in the dark and the air crackles with an otherworldly energy.


-Jade, the first woman to claim the international gold medal of magic, brings a touch of genuine mystique to her performances. Having graced the stages for the Royal family of Monaco and wowed audiences on shows like the Late Late Show and Penn and Teller Fool Us, Jade's repertoire goes beyond mere tricks. Her intimate storytelling and adventurous spirit make for an unforgettable encounter .

Thursday, October 26
Maximum 30 guests
Length: 90 minutes

18 and up

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