Hokipokidiculous appears to be a sort of strange window washer at first glance. He moves with the automatic efficiency of a machine, but he whistles while he works, a sound like a flute, and sometimes sings a joyful little tune. Hokipokidiculous likes visitors, and will tell anyone that listens that his windows hold every last human life, and his cleaning keeps those lives safe. Soap bubbles fly around him like haphazard hair and, upon closer inspection, it is clear that he treats every panel with a reverence that is rarely seen. Visitors can see themselves reflected back if they take a moment to look (don’t forget to wave!). But the window-washer cannot stop the inevitable. He knows that, in the grand scheme of things, your life is as fragile as a soap bubble. Even so, he mourns for each little life, each bubble popped, and sings a song for them before moving on. 


Is there something that you’re holding onto that hurts? What do you need to be able to let go? Do you want to let go?