"A highly evocative, personal, and boundary confronting masterpiece”


"A highly evocative, personal, and boundary confronting masterpiece” 

Gregangelo Museum is a sought after international immersive arts and entertainment attraction. Dare to adventure into the unknown.

Private tours are available year-round by appointment.

This magical space is also available for special events for up to 40 guests.




As seen on Netflix, BBC and HGTV

Watch the video below:






“This place is better than Disneyland”
– 9 year old 




 “The Physical Epitome of Human Wonderment and Curiosity”
– Scientist




 “One of the most magical portals in the world!”
– Magician




'Wow' would be an understatement!” 
– Teenager 

 "Just might be The Eighth Wonder of the World!” 
– Explorer

 “A bomb of emotions...it was a visual orgasm”
– Traveler 

 “After visiting Spain, I can say that this gives Dali a run for his money.”
– World Traveler

“Unlike anything you've ever gone to”
– Philanthropist

"Instead of looking at a painting, imagine stepping inside it”
– Visitor

"This place is like Dr. Seuss met Alice in Wonderland at Area 51! "
– Visitor