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Best Places to Visit in San Francisco Bay Area

July 21, 2021

Written by Angelica Irreño

As summer is approaching, we have created a list of natural and coastal attractions near The Gregangelo Museum. When you come to visit us, you can also enjoy more activities in San Francisco.

What nearby coastal attractions can I visit near The Gregangelo Museum?

  • Fort Funston:

It is located on San Francisco's southwest coast and features 200-foot high sandy bluffs. A paradise for adventurers who enjoy paragliding and hang gliding. The perfect option for dog owners, hiking lovers, and the perfect location for horseback riding with the most majestic Pacific ocean views. Remember to hold on to your hat; the winds blow reliably wildly.

  • Lands End and Fort Miley:

It's situated between the Sutro District and Lincoln Park. Through the ruins of the Sutro Baths, well-manicured hiking trails, see a shipwreck at low tide and view the Golden Gate Bridge from the Pacific Ocean. There is another stunning view at every turn of the trail on this wild and rocky northwestern corner of San Francisco. Hike down the cliffs to the labyrinth, and explore colorful tide pools on the beach.

  • Ocean Beach:

It's the longest stretch of beach in the city (3.5-mile), on the westernmost border of San Francisco, adjacent to Golden Gate Park. A heaven for the most experienced surfers, it's just you, the brisk water and the adventurous hazards. This white beach has few tourists and no highrises. Many locals gather together at a warm bonfire, go strolling along the water and fly kites in the ocean’s breeze.

  • The Palace of the Legion of Honor:

Visit a spectacular fine arts museum nestled on the cliffs just opposite the Golden Gate Bridge and home to Rodin’s Thinker, the centerpiece of the classical colonnade courtyard. The most interesting figures at the rear facade of the Legion of Honor are Jupiter, Mars, Apollo, Minerva, Diana, and Ceres. Have you ever seen them?

  • Bakers Beach

It’s located in the Presidio and offers the full gamut from family recreation to naturist recreation. It provides panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin Headlands, and Lands End. A perfect option for a picnic day with friends and family. Also, you can fish or check out the shoreline along the beach and rocky shoreline.

  • Marshals Beach

Take a strenuous hike to Aka “Boys Beach “ a haven for our queer local population is directly in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is worth stopping at the overlook for the views of the bridge and the Marin Headlands and to explore the several military structures nearby.

What natural Attractions can I find within walking distance of The Gregangelo Museum?

  • Stern Grove Eucalyptus Park:

Within just a few blocks radius, visit this beautiful park which has a meadow and lake. You can find the amphitheater and Victorian cottage famous for the shoot-out by Black Bart.

  • Eucalyptus and Pine Trees:

Discover some of the rarest trees in San Francisco and Northern America, as noted in the book ‘ The Trees of San Francisco’. While you walk, you can see a natural sanctuary which nestles a plethora of eucalyptus and pine trees.

  • Mount Davidson:

Hike from the museum past fascinating local architecture clinging to the hills and through a mountaintop forest to the highest peak in San Francisco.

What other major attractions can I find near the Gregangelo Museum?

  • We are just about a mile and a half from the San Francisco Zoo and botanical gardens.

  • If you are driving, enjoy the beauty of Highway 1, AKA the Pacific Coast Highway. Also, you can ride down the great highway along Ocean Beach.

Getting Around:

What street conditions will I find at the Gregangelo Museum?

  • We are located off the beaten path in a clean, safe garden neighborhood with lots of interesting architecture and beautiful ocean view walks, fountains, as well as unusual flora/ fauna and landscaping.

  • You will find some of the best street conditions in San Francisco in this unusual neighborhood.

  • There is free 2-hour street parking directly in front of the museum. Please be aware of the street cleaning signs on both sides.

  • For public transportation, we are just a couple of blocks from the K or M Muni lines.

  • There are lamp posts available for bike parking.

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