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Give the Most Magical Gift this Season

December 1, 2020

Written By Angelica Irreño

San Francisco welcomed us with the autumn's cold air last month. We can feel it in the air that the holidays are upon us.Typically, on Thanksgiving Day, houses are full of children, parents, grandparents, and friends. Many people travel to visit their families in the U.S. because the essential part of this day is that everyone gets together and overeats. However, Thanksgiving in 2020 is different.Since gatherings are limited and doctors recommend canceling it altogether. Meanwhile, we have been thinking about what we are doing that brings us happiness and joy.

The secret of happiness has been promoted so widely these days. We agree that one of the most significant things that we can do every day to be happier is to be grateful. By focusing our attention on all of the beautiful & simple joys in life while taking our time, we will notice and attract things that matter most to us. The Gregangelo Museum is grateful to provide opportunities for young artists whose theater companies have been closed down.

Gregangelo Herrera, Artist Director at the Gregangelo Museum, wants to thank all the young and international interns who show up and collaborate at the museum every week. Some of them are making art installations, writing scripts, building art, sewing costumes, and painting. Thanksgiving in San Francisco means that 2020 can be everyone's opportunity to start new traditions. So, let's share new holiday traditions this season. We continue to provide a bright glimmer of hope to our cities endangered arts and culture by offering safe, immersive artistry for travelers and residents.

Our brand new holiday experience, called, Solstice is now open. Come see spectacular live characters through several magical and wondrous art installations. The world needs this kind of magic right now. Thank you Gregangelo, and all of the artists involved with Velocity Arts & Entertainment, you are changing the world every day. Thank you for the spirit of adopting, re-envisioning and re-creating the arts and culture in San Francisco.

Tickets to our new holiday experience in San Francisco is limited to November and December only. You can find more information about Solstice: Illuminate Your Wonder here

Check out our featured video in our YouTube channel

"I'm grateful to have the energy SF 55-year-old man to push forward and begin again with more vigor than I've ever had before."

- Gregangelo Herrera, Artistic Director of The Gregangelo Museum


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