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Haunted House in San Francisco

October 26th 2020

Written by Angelica Irreno

Looking for the scariest haunted places in San Francisco? We are thrilled to have reopened the inside of the museum again. We’ve worked hard to develop brand new tours and experiences in our creative space. Within the exciting news of reopening the inside of the museum, we have a Halloween event this year called House of Weird, an Immersive Haunted House.

Halloween is a wonderful part of the culture of San Francisco. It’s the one day a year where it’s extra magical because the whole city opens its doors for the spooky fun, people gather for Halloween events, and all the neighborhoods come together for trick or treaters. Since a lot of people are going to be looking for something fun to do with their families, this is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween.

Let your mind go and be a part of our unique and scary haunted house in San Francisco. Walk through a surreal fun-house full of monsters and creatures. Come experience the dark through the rooms inside The Gregangelo Museum, an immersive vaudevillian variety show paying homage to weird and wacky retro sci-fi horror films. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Get your tickets before they do:

“You’ll never see anything like this anywhere”

“Trippy.. Scary.. Unexpected “

“So unexpected and so original”


Check out our featured video in our YouTube channel

Also, we’re part of the Spooky Bay Area Spots by Local California GateAways. Check it out!

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Oliver Beth
Oliver Beth
01 dic 2022

I have been to one of the haunted houses after I had watch The Great American Baking Show: Celebrity Holiday Special in UK, it enhanced by interest for haunted and horror stuff and it was pretty fun to me.

Me gusta
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