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San Francisco Museum Reopening

September 24, 2021

Written by Angelica Irreño

Velocity Arts continues to create immersive experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. This type of entertainment is best understood by living it in the moment.

As we keep connecting to larger audiences, for the first time in two years, Gregangelo is reopening the Gregangelo Museum. We did it through pure collaboration between our local artists and local crew in San Francisco. We are excited to bring back these very precious moments to our guests. Our team has created illuminated wonderlands at venues for the public to participate during the pandemic. Now, as our businesses are reopening, we have built a full-blown interactive art installation for you inside The Gregangelo Museum.

If you are looking for unusual things to do in San Francisco or museums open in the Bay Area, come and explore through seven out of thirty-three of the interior installations in our new fast-paced experience called - A Quickie. Our indoor tours require all guests to show proof of vaccination, and masks are required at all times.

Tickets are limited. Book now here

We invite you to read our most recent featured article titled: San Francisco's wild and wondrous Gregangelo Museum is equal parts circus act and art experience. Hidden in a quiet residential neighborhood, the immersive art house and performance space is the private home of its namesake artist. By Sharon McDonnell

“Joy has been something that we have been spreading around for a long time. Now we encourage you to find your passion and hone your skills to make a living doing what you love. Let's keep contributing to the world because we know for a fact that there is a true wonder in each one of you.” - Gregangelo Herrera, Artistic Director of The Gregangelo Museum


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