Nearing midnight out on the sea the Carpathia heard a cry for help. Before the captain was even fully awake, the ship was already turning. See, the Titanic was sinking, four hours away. The Carpathia raced towards the ship, in the dark, through iceberg infested waters, well above a speed that was safe for their engines. They turned off every nonessential source of power, leaving only a makeshift triage center and the engines running. The Carpathia reached the wreckage in three hours. Passengers and crew alike raced to the aid of the survivors. Passengers opened their trunks, threw the locks aside, and pulled out blankets and dry clothes. They sat and held the uninjured while the injured were cared for, and the locks on their trunks sank to the bottom of the sea, forgotten. The Carpathia saved 712 lives. No other ship found survivors. In the wee hours of the morning the Carpathia pulled off a miracle. Her crew and her passengers raced to help a sinking ship, not because they were expected to, but because they could not find it in themselves to do anything less, because they were the ones who listened. 


Can you name a time when you judged someone based on appearance and later found out you were incorrect in your assumption? How did it turn out?