We are fascinated by depictions of the other. You see it in popular media, in books and TV, and in the mythology people tell. Almost every culture has their very own Bigfoot. The Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie, Almas. Humans are fascinated by something similar and yet entirely different to us, fascinated and frightened. Bigfoot is often a monster.  We tend to find the monstrous in things we don’t understand. This makes sense – it’s a survival strategy. We tell stories of unknown horrors in an old, caveman effort to keep us all alert. But there are no monsters lurking around these corners, in these walls. Bigfoot towers above you, holding a bouquet of flowers in his massive hands, and all he wants to do is say hello.



Can you name a time when you judged someone based on appearance and later found out you were incorrect in your assumption? How did it turn out?