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Fear Overload Haunted House in San Francisco

October 19, 2021

Written by Angelica Irreño

One day, in San Francisco, founder and artist director, Gregangelo Herrera, had a sudden and striking manifestation at his artistic home, The Gregangelo Museum. It was such a meaningful epiphany that sparked his motivation to continue to create. Organically, he created an active Halloween haunted experience, called Phantasma.

San Francisco’s favorite season is upon us. A time when the veils are lifted and cemeteries become places for the living to celebrate the dead. The Gregangelo Museum has designed a haunting Halloween outdoor immersive theatrical experience designed for pods SIP together encountering otherworldly phantoms.

Imagine falling through a rabbit hole like Alice and arriving in mysterious fantasy land. Are you willing to look into the mirror with the White Rabbit and solve riddles with Pancyprian? Join us in this San Francisco haunted house where this otherworldly experience might just happen to you!

Your imagination may trick you on what you see. The art of this creepy Hallowen experience is transformational. Scheherazade uses your fear and leads you to a funeral. The Victorian Ghost shares their stories and guides you to the unknown. Who knows what lurks around each corner, what lives in secret depths?

If you want to overload your fear and explore several thrilling and out of this world art installations, Phantasma is the place for you. The Gregangelo Museum created an amazing and scary haunted house in San Francisco. This thrilling tour awaits revelations from you. Together, we shall walk the hidden journey of life and death.

Imagine walking through the forest and then all of a sudden you are blasting into outer space. Would you wait patiently for aliens to come and take you to another galaxy? Come and be prepared for your senses and spirits to be reawakened to this immersive, outdoor haunted experience where fantasy becomes a reality.

Don’t stay another day stuck at home; we know everything in the world is not normal. This is an excellent and unique opportunity to be able to feel free, take your mind off everything, and ignite your spooky imagination. Embrace your light and experience the magic of being alive and present!

Tickets to our new haunted house in San Francisco is limited to October only. You can find more information about Phantasma: Explore Your Fears here

Check out our featured video by ABC Localish


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