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Immersive Art Experience

An Authentic San Francisco Experience

Mar 31, 2021

Written by Angelica Irreño

Looking for something fresh and fun to do with your family for spring break this year?! Want to find something family friendly for Easter celebrations? Velocity Arts and Entertainment provides inventive concepts, unique spectacle acts, immersive characters, fantastic multimedia art installations, live music, and spectacular shows. This is a San Francisco hidden gem.

“We aim to uplift the vibrations of the most blighted areas in our city and help elevate the spirit of the city. We know there is a physical reaction to anyone encountering a performance, one that palpably alters the mood. We see it in people’s eyes. Even in those who go out of their way to ignore it, their senses are ignited. Performances are what we have to contribute and share.”

- Gregangelo Herrera, Artistic Director of The Gregangelo Museum

Metamorphosis is a transformational journey where you can leave everything behind that no longer serves you. This is a place where the past, present, and future all collide into meaningful moments. Enter a dream-like reality where every portal leads to a new world while encountering characters from the depths of your imagination at every turn. Smell the fresh blossoms in our magical gardens at The Gregangelo Museum. This is real San Francisco authentic culture. Bring your family and friends to immerse into a world where aerial, musical, and dancing characters come alive from the depths of your imagination. Imagine a fiery phoenix reciting poetry. You may see adorable monkeys dancing beside you. Find a garden harpist, a butterfly dancer, and a beautiful caterpillar violinist. Speak to the most handsome white rabbit while you meet an explorer on the way! Interact with an upside-down operatic chrysalis, watch peacocks dance, and striped acrobats twirl upside down.

Dare to explore your wonderment and intoxicate in the sweet nectars of our magical experience as you renew hope and leave behind everything that no longer serves you. This is the perfect format for a Covid-safe experience that feels authentically San Franciscan and fully immersive. The location is breathtaking and each twist and turn of the experience feels like the path to an alternate world, the perfect escape into a theatrical journey.

You can get your tickets for Metamorphosis here.

Check out our featured video by KOFY TV20


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