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KARNEY's New Album 'CREATURES OF THE GARDEN' Comes to Life Against the Enchanting Gardens

Written by Angelica Irreno

Our awesome Bay Area Rock Songstress, KARNEY, is getting ready to drop her incredible new album, "CREATURES OF THE GARDEN," on August 18, 2023.

What makes this album so fascinating is that KARNEY is known for her socially conscious music. She's all about climate change awareness and showing love to our planet, and you'll find those themes shining bright throughout the whole album. The record features diverse musical styles, including soulful acoustic arrangements, indie rock beats, and shoegaze rock elements.

"CREATURES OF THE GARDEN" includes collaborations with prominent Bay Area musicians and former Santana band members, adding depth to the album's sound. KARNEY's passion for nature shines through as she weaves images of the environment into her songs, delivering a high-spirited positive message about finding solutions to the current climate crisis.

With a successful music career spanning years, KARNEY has received accolades for her work and contributed to music education. From composing for popular games to scoring dance pieces, her artistic journey is both diverse and inspiring. The album promises to be a mesmerizing experience, uniting music and nature to create a captivating sonic journey.

Additionally, we are delighted to share that Tanja Nixx shot the album cover for "CREATURES OF THE GARDEN" at the gardens of The Gregangelo Museum, and we couldn't be prouder. The outstanding photographer, Tanja Nixx, expertly captured the essence of the album's theme by highlighting our surroundings' natural beauty and tranquility.

So, get those calendars out and save the date! This album is not just about music; it's an invitation to join KARNEY in making the world a better place. Let's show our love and support for this amazing artist!

Visit the KARNEY website for more information: or

To order or stream CREATURES IN THE GARDEN on digital services, please visit:

Album cover photos by Tanja Nixx:

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