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Wonderfully Weird: Gregangelo Museum…… a true San Francisco experience.

This article was written by Moon Blossom co-founder, Dawn Bratton, in conjunction with museum founder Gregangelo Herrera.

Asian woman with a green dress on a bed with pellows and curtains.
Photo by Zoart Photography

GET READY FOR A VISUAL TREAT because a truly marvelously weird San Francisco experience awaits you: the Gregangelo Museum.

Nestled in a lovely quiet neighborhood in the St. Francis Wood district of San Francisco, the museum has become a magical hidden dreamland among an enchanted fairy grove full of wonders.

Beginning its life in the 1980s as a dilapidated house rescued by local artist and creator, Gregangelo Herrera, the museum was painstakingly handcrafted as a passion project. The owner said:

“It all started with an old can of paint found in the basement and was created with a wealth of imagination and hard work over four decades and continues to this day along with a team of visual artists.”

Affectionately named by the public after its creator, the museum stands as monument to an impassioned, multifaceted, immersive experience created by Gregangelo and his team of dedicated artists.

Beutiful table adorned with an orange, gold and green table cloth and  fruits
Photo by Beto Lopez

So what, exactly, is it?

The museum is a home-turned-art installation, which includes twenty-seven transformed rooms with fantastique, fairytale, storybook, mythological, cultural, and historical inspirations and elements coming from a variety of traditions, combining architecture, mosaic, painting, costume, and other modes and methodologies into an interactive walk-through experience.

The second floor of the museum is a “hidden” section with the seductive name of The Labyrinth, a mysterious maze-like series that leads to more themed rooms, also called “Portals.” The Labyrinth installation, however, is currently under construction and closed to the public, “but will [open] again, hopefully by the end of this year,” wrote Gregangelo. “I’m currently creating a new installation in the Labyrinth with a team of multimedia artists. It will be the largest and most technologically advanced and transformative installation in the house when it’s done. But the installations often take years to complete.”

The ongoing intention of the house, as stated by Samantha Granville, BBC Senior Journalist and cousin to Gregangelo, is “not to be viewed as a finished product, but as a reflection of the artists’ ongoing journey.” 2  Indeed, echoing her words was Gregangelo himself, who wrote to me saying, “Our place is continuously in the creation process.”

Blue room with buddah and a table with food.
Photo by Zoart Photography

Per the museum’s mission statement, as outlined on its website, its main purpose is to provide “opportunity and mentoring for artists of ALL disciplines and to create and display a fusion of immersive visual and performing arts.” I myself was honored to be invited by creator Gregangelo, as a local artist, to break bread at a luncheon with his team and a few other guest artists, who were all given an impromptu behind-the-scenes tour of their fabulous funhouse of fancy.

So you say you’re ready to embark on a genuine SF adventure through this jewel-box of an art house? Fantastic. Because the true spirit of the city comes alive inside this hidden gem, promising an enchanting experience encompassing enough to connect all generations. It’s practically guaranteed to reignite your imagination, exercise your wonderment, and inspire the discovery of things you might not have known about your friends, family, or even yourself.

Come alone, bring your loved ones, or make new friends along the way. Experience any of eight different adventures or seasonal shows offered year-round. Prepare to be unprepared. Escape the ordinary and step into an alternate world, where everything is possible and surprises await to captivate: dare to venture on a journey where fantasies become realities.

Visitor Details

The Gregangelo Museum is a safe haven for both indoor and outdoor experiences, for people of all ages, catering to both private and mixed groups. Like a show, it’s open by reservation only to advanced ticket holders, with a limited number of guests per group. All guided experiences run approximately 90 minutes and are fully interactive. Please note, there are no drop-ins or self-guided tours, as the museum also remains the private residence and studios of local artist Gregangelo. The owner suggests also visiting (either before or after your experience) nearby Lakeside Village to enjoy local multicultural dining, wine, confections, and public art. Lakeside Village is just three blocks away from the museum, on Ocean Avenue, and includes a beautiful a view of the Pacific.

Here is a clip from a recent feature about the museum, appearing on Netflix’s Amazing Interiors, episode 3, titled "Circus House":

Visit Gregangelo Museum: Tours | Website | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Facebook | Wikipedia 

Not local? Try a virtual tour.

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