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Help Us Keep the San Francisco Arts Alive

December 29, 2020

Written by Angelica Irreño

Although this holiday season is going to be really different, the Gregangelo Museum successfully created a fully immersive interactive outside theater. We had such a special opportunity to do something very festive. For all of those who joined us over the duration of the experience had the exciting opportunity to journey through an immersive outdoor tour specifically designed for groups sheltering in place.

Velocity Arts has given everything to keep the San Francisco arts and entertainment alive. We create magic by bringing the most diverse artists from different ages and cultures together to form a magical experience. The passion and inspiration in all of the shows, performances, and tours are an important part of our livelihood.

However, if we want to look at the future we have to face the reality of what is happening. Due to the new restrictions of COVID 19 we were mandated to stop our live shows until further notice and we will remain responsible to the safety of humankind . We plan to reignite as soon as we are safely able to.

We are looking forward to a bright future as we try to find light in the present. We miss entertaining you. We are continuing to work on our future shows and we are excited to surprise you in the new year.

At this time we have created a GoFundMe account. This is our last resort, but we do ask if you would like to see the arts and culture of San Francisco stay alive during this unpredictable year, and have a strong start to the new year, we would be so grateful to accept anything you can donate at this time. Even if all you can do is share our account with your friends, that would be enough.

For more information click here

We hope to reflect & reset and turn 2021 into our greatest comeback.

With all of our gratitude,

The Velocity Arts & Entertainment Team

Here is a captivating look into our most recent Covid compliant experience


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